Time Hunters  

Brilliant Books

When Tom breaks a museum statue he releases an ancient curse. Now he must go back in time to track down six hidden amulets...

Gladiator Clash


On Tom’s first adventure, he arrives in Ancient Rome. To find the amulet, Tom will have to fight the fiercest gladiator who ever lived!

I thought it was epic. I really enjoyed it. It was really exciting and I loved the adventure.

Sam, aged 8

Knight Quest


On his second quest, Tom meets King Arthur’s heroic knights! He must prove his bravery in a race to find the legendary golden sword.

Fascinating! Cool, good and easy to read.

Lauren, aged 8

Viking Raiders


On his third journey, Tom sets sail in the freezing cold on a Viking longship. Will he succeed in his treasure hunt before the terrifying Vikings begin their next raid?

I really, really liked it because I like stories that have scary middles but happy endings. And I feel like reading the other books.

Cora, aged 7

Greek Warriors


Tom is sent to Ancient Greece to search for the fourth amulet. He needs to get inside the City of Troy but the Greek army is still camped outside the walls and can’t find a way in. Tom decides to speed things up by telling Odysseus to build a wooden horse to hide his army...

I read it in one afternoon because I liked it so much.

Noah, aged 7

Pirate Mutiny


On his fifth adventure, Tom arrives on a Caribbean island. But this is no holiday – Tom must sneak aboard Blackbeard’s ship. Will he find the amulet before the ferocious pirate forces him to walk the plank?

Egypian Curse


To find the final amulet, Tom faces his most difficult challenge yet. He travels back to Ancient Egypt, where he must help the boy king, Tutankhamun, defeat an army of terrifying invaders!

Cowboy Showdown


When Tom bangs on an Aztec drum in a museum he releases an ancient curse. Now he must go back in time and track down six golden coins... On this journey, Tom finds himself in the big bad Wild West! Can he rescue the precious coin from Blackheart Bob’s stolen bag of gold?

Samurai Assassin


Tom travels to Japan and must fight in a legendary battle between two fearsome samurai lords. Before he can claim his treasure he must help the Dragon defeat the Tiger!

Outback Outlaw


Tom lands in the Australian outback amongst a band of dangerous outlaws. When one of them runs off with the loot, can Tom track him down and get his hands on the precious coin?

Stone Age Rampage


Tom travels all the way back to the Stone Age – and is captured in a hunter’s net! Will Tom escape and defeat the enemy tribesman in time to find his treasure?

Mohican Brave


On this journey, Tom and his new Mohican friends battle the mighty Mohawks. As tomahawks and arrows fly, can Tom fight his way to the golden coin?

Aztec Attack


On this adventure, Tom travels back to the ancient Aztec Empire where he must face the rain god Tlaloc! Can Tom outsmart a god and snatch the missing treasure before it’s too late?

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