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Stone Age
10,000 BC–3000 BC

10,000 BC

Ice Age ends. Earth begins to warm up.

8000 BC

Last of the Ice Age animals such as the woolly rhinoceros and the sabre-tooth cat become extinct.

6500 BC

Rising seas cut Britain off from Europe, turning it into an island.

5000 BC

Invention of the wheel.

4500 BC

Stone and flint begin to be mined.

3350 BC

Death of Ötzi the Iceman, one of the most famous prehistoric remains.

3100 BC

First ditches dug at Stonehenge.

3000 BC

Beginning of the Bronze Age.

Ancient Egypt
3100–1070 BC

3100 BC

North and south Egypt join together. Hieroglyphic writing developed.

2500 BC

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza are built.

1700–1550 BC

The Hyksos tribe invades Egypt and introduces the chariot.

1500 BC

Pyramids replaced by tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

1479–1458 BC

Egypt’s first female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, rules.

1332–1323 BC

Tutankhamun rules Egypt.

664–525 BC

It becomes popular for Egyptians to mummify their pets.

330 BC

Alexander the Great invades Egypt and founds the city of Alexandria, home to the ancient world’s greatest library.

31 BC

Queen Cleopatra is defeated by the Romans.

Ancient Greece
776–323 BC

1250 BC

The Trojan War.

776 BC

The first Olympic games are held in Olympia.

750–700 BC

The poet Homer writes The Illiad and The Odyssey – both about the Trojan War.

490 BC

Persia invades Athens but is beaten by the Greek army at the Battle of Marathon.

460–445 BC

First war between Athens and Sparta.

430 BC

The Great Plague of Athens kills a quarter of the entire population.

431–404 BC

Second war – more fighting between Athens and Sparta!

336 BC

Alexander the Great becomes the king of Macedon, in northern Greece. He creates an empire from Greece to the Himalayas.

330 BC

The first ‘camera obscura’ is invented by Aristotle. It was a type of pinhole camera that all modern cameras are based on.

323 BC

Alexander the Great dies and his empire is divided.

Ancient Rome
300 BC–AD 476

300 BC

Rome rises to power.

89 BC

All Italians become Roman citizens.

73–71 BC

Slave uprising, led by Spartacus.

49–44 BC

Julius Caesar rules Rome.

AD 43

Romans invade Britain.

AD 70

Building of the Coliseum begins.

AD 79

Mount Vesuvius erupts and destroys the Roman town of Pompeii.

AD 117

The Roman Empire is at its biggest.

AD 476

The last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustus, is overthrown by the German Goths.

The Viking Era
AD 789–1066

AD 789

Vikings begin their attacks on England.

AD 840

Vikings settlers founded the city of Dublin in Ireland.

AD 862

Vikings founded the city of Novgorod in Russia.

AD 874

Vikings settle in Iceland.

AD 981

Erik the Red discovers Greenland.

AD 1010

Viking settlement of Vinland in North America is founded.

AD 1016

Danish King Canute rules England for nearly 20 years, until his death in 1035.

AD 1028

King Canute conquers Norway.

AD 1055

The Viking city of Oslo in Norway is established.

The Middle Ages
AD 1000–1300

AD 1066

William the Conqueror wins the Battle of Hastings.

AD 1073

The Tower of London is built.

AD 1086

The Domesday Book is written.

AD 1099

The First Crusade – knights travel to Jerusalem.

AD 1118

The Knights Templar are founded.

AD 1215

The Magna Carta is signed.

AD 1230

Tintagel Castle is built – rumoured to be the birthplace of King Arthur.

AD 1348

The Black Death reaches England.

AD 1455

The Wars of the Roses begin.

AD 1485

The Wars of the Roses end, and the Tudor era begins.

The Aztecs
AD 1100–1522

AD 1100

The first Aztecs leave their homeland of Atzlan in search of a new home.

AD 1325

Aztec capital Tenochtitlán founded.

AD 1452

Tenochtitlán destroyed by a flood.

AD 1487

The new Templo Mayor is celebrated with thousands of human sacrifices.

AD 1502

Moctezuma II takes the throne.

AD 1519

TSpanish explorer Hernán Cortés arrives.

AAD 1520

Moctezuma II killed.

AD 1521

Tenochtitlán falls to Cortés. The city is destroyed.

AD 1522

The Spanish rebuild Tenochtitlán, calling it Mexico City and declaring it the capital of the Spanish colony of New Spain.

Era of the mohicans
AD 1492–1924

AD 1492

Christopher Columbus lands in North America.

AD 1607

British settlers arrive at Jamestown,Virginia.

AD 1675–1676

Native Americans fight against British settlers in King Philip’s War.

AD 1763

King George III stops English settlement west of the Appalachian mountains to ease tensions with the Native Americans.

AD 1815–1817

Escaped slaves and Native Americans fight against the US in the First Seminole War.

AD 1830

The Indian Removal Act forces Native Americans to move west.

AD 1835–1843

The Second Seminole War starts.

AD 1862

The Homestead Act allows settlers to move on to Native American land.

AD 1876

The US army is defeated by Native Americans at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

AD 1924

Native Americans are declared US citizens.

Era of the samurai
AD 1160–1877

AD 1160

Early samurai warriors take part in the Heiji Rebellion.

AD 1185

Samurai present at the naval battle of Dan-no-ura.

AD 1274

An army of 10,000 samurai gathers to repel a Mongol invasion of Japan.

AD 1467

Beginning of the ‘Warring States’ period.

AD 1561

Fourth battle of Kawanakajima between rival Lords Kenshin and Shingen.

AD 1578

Death of Lord Uesugi Kenshin.

AD 1600

Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats his rivals at the Battle of Sekigahara.

AD 1603

Tokugawa Ieyasu becomes shogun of Japan, beginning a new era of peace.

AD 1703

Assassination of a cruel court official by the ‘47 Samurai’ passes into Japanese folklore.

AD 1877

Samurai lose the Battle of Shiroyama, signalling the end of the samurai.

Era of piracy in the Caribbean
AD 1500–1830

AD 1577

Queen Elizabeth I recruits privateers to attack Spanish ships.

AD 1657

France and England declare war on Spain; privateering grows in the Caribbean.

AD 1669

Henry Morgan raids Cuba.

AD 1700

Jolly Roger flags start to be used widely on pirate ships.

AD 1701

Captain William Kidd is hanged for piracy.

AD 1715

New Providence in the Bahamas becomes a pirate base.

AD 1716–1730

After the war with Spain ends, unemployed privateers become pirates.

AD 1718

Blackbeard dies in battle.

AD 1720

Calico Jack and his female crew members are captured.

AD 1820

American and British navies end piracy in the Caribbean.

Australian Outback
AD 1770–1900

8000 BC

Aboriginal Australians invent the boomerang.

AD 1770

Captain Cook spots Botany Bay from HMS Endeavour and calls the land New South Wales.

AD 1788

Arrival of the first convicts in New South Wales.

AD 1812–19

Bushrangers commit crimes in Tasmania.

AD 1851

Discovery of gold in New South Wales starts a gold rush.

AD 1863–65

Ben Hall robs travellers on the Melbourne-Sydney road.

AD 1865

The Felons Apprehension Act allows known bushrangers to be shot and killed on sight.

AD 1869

Land reservations are created and Aboriginal Australians are forced to live on them.

AD 1878–80

The Ned Kelly Gang is at large.

AD 1900

Australia becomes a Commonwealth and its separate colonies become a union of states.

The Wild West
AD 1821–1881

AD 1821

William Bucknell and other pioneers first travel west on the Sante Fe trail.

AD 1843

Thousands head west in the Great Migration.

AD 1848

Gold is discovered at Sutter’s Mill, California, sparking a gold rush.

AD 1852

The Wells Fargo company is set up to provide stagecoach services.

AD 1860

The Pony Express is founded, delivering mail across America.

AD 1866

The Long Drive: Cowboys drive cattle from Texas to the northern states of America.

AD 1869

The Transcontinental Railroad is finished.

AD 1870

Buffalo hunters move on to the plains.

AD 1874

Gold is discovered in the Black Hills of Dakota.

AD 1881

Wyatt Earp takes part in the gun battle at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.

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